Best Manifestation How To Techniques and Examples

See the best manifestation techniques and examples. Learn how to master manifestation and reach the goals you want in your life. We have researched the top rated manifestation programs and you can view the list below.

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#3 - Manifestation Magic

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#4 - 15 Minute Manifestation

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#5 - Royal Numerology

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Manifestion Program FAQs


Q: What is Manifestation and How Can It Help Me?

A: A manifestation is the public display of emotion or feeling, or something theoretical made real. Manifestation's origins are in religion and spirituality because if something spiritual becomes real, it is said to be a manifestation. When you manifest something you can make it real with the right approach.

Q: How did we come up with the top Manifestation programs listed above?

A: We have done research and have come up with the most popular programs to help with Manifestation from customer reviews, results, and more. Our ratings reflect the top ways to get manifestation into your life and achieve your goals.

Q: Can I reach my goals and acheive success from listening to Manifestation affirmations?

A: Yes! Many of the featured programs help you tap into your inner self and unlock the success that is inside of you.



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Manifestation Techniques and Examples


Like many things in life, manifesting is easy to learn but hard to master.

Theoretically, manifesting is using the powers of your present mind to create a desirable situation in the future. While positive in intent, the art of manifesting can be dangerous if misunderstood, and has led many further away from their dreams through the apathy of inaction.


Manifesting is to think about something hard enough that tangible things happen to and for you. To be an effective manifestor you therefore need clarity on what it is you want and how you will get it. The problem with manifesting is that many of us have tried to visualize our perfect worlds, but so few of us have awakened to these experiences in real life. So why is manifesting so difficult, and does it have to be?


Movies like he Secret’ introduced us to the concept of thoughts becoming things, but it’s obvious that there’s more to manifesting than half-hearted pretending. The substance of true manifesting is matching frequencies with that which you desire. The physical Law of Attraction states that something which is vibrating at a certain level will attract other things also vibrating on that level.

When we sit at our desk, cold, stale, in a low energy state, we are unlikely to attract anything magical or miraculous. We’re much more likely to attract a sore back, sore hips, tired eyes, email threads, and all sorts of familiar things which we experience within this limited realm of awareness.

If we’re jumping up and down at our desk and screaming into the phone and celebrating with friends and working hard with others to formulate new business plans, we’re filled with electric anticipation for all the projects on the go and we have great clarity on why we’re doing what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We know what the end goals look like and we’re actively showing up to manifest the situations and circumstances that we wished for. When you’re on the path, you can feel it, and you know that it’s you who has to put in the energy.


What are the future circumstances you wish for? What are the underlying reasons you’re experimenting with manifesting? Do you want to manifest money in your life? Why? A room filled with dollar bills has absolutely no value if no one cares about green paper. The value is not in the money, it’s in the experience, the opportunity, the exhilaration or security that the prospect of money offers. So before you decide that you want to manifest more money, go inwards. Dive deep into the reasons why you want a certain thing. This brutally honest self inquiry will connect you more deeply with your true desires.

How good will it feel to get out of debt? How amazing will it feel to surprise your lover with an unexpected gift?! Maybe you’re looking for a soulmate, a lover, or simply something to love? Whether you desire a new thing, a new experience, a new friend, or being a better friend yourself, you have to be deeply connected to your true purpose for any manifesting efforts to be successful.


So how do we connect deeply with our innermost desires? Do we visualize the house we think we want and then try to feel as good as possible thinking about it? Will this manifest happiness in our life, or just more craziness? When it comes to manifesting, it’s a fine line.

Did you ever consider that owning a huge mansion has a long list of responsibilities that come with it? Do you ever consider that owning a massive castle may be the loneliest, most isolating experience of your life? The things we think we want may not actually be in alignment with what will truly make us feel better. So what is true? How can we connect with our true desires? By simply thinking about them, or connecting with the spiritual side of ourselves to truly recognize what those natural desires are.

Have you ever tried meditation? Did you experience new insights about yourself or your goals or the obstacles on your path? True manifesting is when we are in alignment with the visions and dreams that come to us naturally, that make us feel clear headed and mission driven. Do you know what these dreams look like for you? If not, give meditation a try at the beginning of your manifestation journey. Sitting in silence after asking for the answers will help you get clarity over the dreams that are just right for you. You are in alignment when the things you are asking for are also asking for you.


Now we have some clarity on our dreams. We know where we want to go, how we want to act, who we want to be with, what we want to have, and why all of it matters. (Of course, we’re not always going to have a clear picture on everything, but it’s important to start somewhere that feels right to you.) With a vision in place, it’s time to start manifesting!

…but how?

Here is a shortlist of tried and true manifestation techniques to help you realize your life dreams and desires.

Intentional Journal

Intentional journaling is planting the seeds of your intent. It aligns your dreams with your values because you investigate why you want certain things to manifest. This process may open you up to new dreams, and new pathways of progress. Many people spend their whole lives stuck in the same thought patterns, never allowing themselves to write down what they think and why they think it. Getting to know yourself intimately through intentional journaling helps you connect with the goals of your soul.


Scripting has become a popular trend on Tik Tok, featuring videos of teens writing down their wishes a certain number of times, and those wishes coming true. Simply the act of writing the wish makes it more real. The action of writing the words out supports your intent, strengthens your belief and gives power to the dream.

Gratitude Journal

They say that gratitude is the key to abundance, and if you want more abundance in your life, whether an abundance of money or love or all of the above, start recognizing things that make you feel good already. Is your fridge fully stocked? Do you have the freedom to dress and act as you please? Are there people that care about you? Has someone helped you in the past? In the present?

If we can’t appreciate the blessings we have, the universe is not going to bless us with more. The conscious shift in our focus from wanting/needing to a positive reflection in the present will put us in a state of looking for the good, and finding more of it.

Bedtime Rituals

Manifesting is not a one day journey, it’s a continuous output of mental and physical energy. Everyday you wake up, your present state is attracting more of itself. If you’re in a bad mood, you’re likely to experience more bad feelings. If you’re in a great mood, you’re likely to take advantage of daily opportunities that give you more reason to be in a good state. These might include new business deals, new friends, new skills or new sides of yourself!

Science tells us that most of our present state is actually dictated by our unconscious programming. Maybe you were raised with limiting unconscious beliefs that are still guiding your actions (hello self-sabotage). Not to worry, it turns one of the most effective ways to impact our unconscious state is through a bedtime ritual.

The state of our mind when we go to sleep propels the state of our mind when we wake up. If we head into sleep relaxed and feeling good about life, we may wake up with new solutions and new ideas that weren't available to us the prior day. To fall asleep in an ideal state, try listening to some positive affirmations or supportive self-hypnosis recordings right before bed. Your brain will use the inspirational recordings to reprogram your belief system overnight, aligning your thoughts with your wishes.

Self Visualization

When it comes to manifesting, imagery plays only a small part. The power of manifestation comes from the actual vibrations we are able to create. If you want to be a grander, wiser, more eloquent version of yourself, think about what he or she really looks like.

A useful meditation technique is to sit quietly, take a few conscious deep breaths, then follow the flow of your breath and focus on it’s natural rhythm. Once you’ve dropped into a more relaxed mental state, you’ll be more connected with your visualizations and they’ll progress with greater power.

First, picture a closed door, then picture the new and improved version of you opening it from the other side. Picture a bright light streaming all around this future self, then suddenly your present self is also surrounded by this great light. You feel powerful and poised. Now closely analyze how the ideal version of you is dressed, how they move, how they smile, how they hold themselves? How does this version of you talk? How do they walk? Paying close attention to this version of you will quickly be reinterpreted by your brain as the way you actually are. Soon, you will begin to feel the power of the visualization start to live within you. You will feel stronger and you may smile wider. Your present self is growing closer to the future vision and….congratulations! You are manifesting!

The key to manifesting is being the feeling of the end goal. If we’ve never had a million dollars, it’s hard to imagine what it would truly feel like. It’s much easier to imagine ourselves as we wish to be, dressed in the finest suits, surrounded by the finest people, whatever feels most coveted by your soul. The frequency you emanate will eventually match the frequency of the situations you find yourself in. So how do we emanate the best version of ourselves?

Taking Massive Action

As you meditate on what you want then fuel yourself with positive inspiration, you will begin to be at the frequency of those goals. Though you are on the manifestation path, there is more work to be done.

Manifestation means that the external reality is supporting your chosen path. If you’re in alignment with your desires, the stepping stones of this pathway are going to come in the form of intuitive knowledge identifying what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. This knowledge may arrive from your own thoughts, from other people, or from inspirations all around you. Your job is to be so tuned in to your manifestation path that you recognize these answers when they arrive and take the necessary action. Chances are that to manifest something you’ve never had before, you’re going to have to do things that you’ve never done before. This is where a lot of people step off the manifestation path. They’re not willing to truly change their old ways and become someone new, so they remain half-hearted in their current circumstances, longing for more, but not walking a new path.

Final Thoughts on Manifesting

Be mindful of your manifestation path. Remember that positive thinking alone will not change your physical circumstances, and may actually work against you. An over-reliance on positive thinking can make us more complacent, mustering less energy to achieve our goals. Thinking that our intentions alone will miraculously change our circumstances is something that feels nice, but if we’re not committed to supporting our visions with energized action, we will never get anywhere.

When you can see your path and you’re ready to walk it, you’re ready to manifest! May all your dreams come true as the most glorious version of you!


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